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Travelogue – The land of Sher Khan

The wild beasts dwelling in the woods of The Jim Corbett National Park and a lifetime moment to capture the pose with the furious Royal Bengal Tiger, everything from its wilderness to its predators makes Corbett – a dream destination for wildlife lovers.

The wild always has a special place in my heart; the smell and colors of the forest, music of a rivulet, and wild animals roaming around freely in their natural habitat – it has an exciting aura to it. So visiting Jim Corbett in the state of Uttarakhand was something I was looking forward to for quite some time.

So, as soon as I came to know that Adventure Club is going to organize a trip to The Jim Corbett National Park, I started to prepare for the trip. I could not sleep the entire night of 11th November because I knew that within the next 24 hours, I will be in the land of the tigers, The Jim Corbett National Park.

Leaving from Patiala at 9.00 am on 12th, the day was mostly confined in our long bus journey that passed so fast with meeting new people and making new friends.  After a long ride including a halt for lunch at a roadside restaurant which served us food fit for the royals, there it was, our resort nestled on the border of the lush green wilderness. The Den Corbett resort, one of the best properties located in The Jim Corbett.


On the next day after refreshing ourselves with a sumptuous breakfast we set out to the first destination of the day, the Kosi River. When I was sitting beside the river, I was deeply absorbed in the moment and the moment itself was an eternity of living. After coming back to the resort and having delicious lunch, it was soon time for to get ready for the adventure activities, zip lining and rock climbing. Zip lining through the forest canopy is an experience you won’t forget soon. And after facing my fears of heights, I can officially say that I am at least one step closer to fighting crime as Spider – man. Later in the evening, dinner was made and served by the resort staff and it was absolutely delicious! We ended the night with some star gazing as we sat around a bonfire.


The best part of the trip was the early morning jeep safari on the next day where you get to be part of the jungle. Excitement was high among the group as it was a novel experience. Unluckily we didn’t get to see the Tiger but it was an amazing lifelong experience which is gonna stay in our memories forever. The safari lasted for a few hours and later we left for Patiala.


On the way back to Patiala, we discussed the entire chain of events and agreed that the experience was mind blowing and beyond what we had expected. Though we were disappointed for not having seen a tiger, the feel of adrenaline surging, heart thumping aloud and living on the edge was invigorating! And top it all to have shared it with some new friends was an added bonus indeed!